Kaiju Koincidence

I’m reminded today by the good folks at Bradley On Film that May 7th is the fabulous director Ishiro Honda’s birthday, a day where he would have been 99 years young.

Ishiro Honda

It’s also my daughter’s 7th birthday today. Considering how a couple of years ago she fell in love with Godzilla movies (and who wouldn’t!), it’s only fitting that she shares her birthday with Honda, who is extremely important to both my life and cinema history, having directed one of the most influential sci-fi movies ever made with 1954’s Gojira (aka  Godzilla…duh…), as well as many other kaiju films and sci-fi treats, including the mega-fun Destroy All Monsters, which was one of my favorite movies growing up (thank you, 4:30 Movie!). Happy birthday, Ishiro Honda!!

Now that's a birthday party!

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