Absent Minded

Last week, I received the yearly summary of this blog from wordpress.com. And I was kinda excited about it to be honest…until I read it. Sure, it looked great, with flash fireworks, fancy type, cool design…but when it told me I only made 5 posts in 2011….geez….how lame.

5 freakin posts? What the heck was I doing the other 360 days? Well, thinking about making posts probably. Somehow I only have a handful of drafts saved, but another 100 or so in my silly little head. But what is keeping me from writing more posts? Is it time? Is it laziness? Is it apprehension about not creating a good enough post? Hell, I don’t know….

I mean, really, what the heck. Why am I writing about my absence from Von Luger’s Butter instead of making an actual post the half dozen people who read this regularly would care about? Well, because it’s writing something. “A writer writes” or so they say. (Who is they? Beats me, my Mom always answered when I asked her “They. They.”)

But I write for a living, maybe that’s why I don’t create all the genius (um….what?) blog posts I plan to create sometime this century. Writing isn’t as easy as it seems. Heck, this post is certainly easy, I’m just rambling….but to create something interesting and fun and coherent, well that ain’t easy. I’m glad to have a bunch of friends who do so regularly on their own blogs (you know who you are, my friends) and I enjoy reading them, and are thankful for their entertaining posts.

Oh hell, enough of my self-deprecation. Hopefully there will be some new posts in this space soon. By popular demand no doubt. Or not. But not tonight. Tonight you all get this nonsense. But is it really nonsense, or merely a stepping stone to a flourishing year of blogging like a sunuvabitch? Time will tell. I’m cautiously optimistic. Which to the faithful readers of this blog, who know me quite well, will sound like endless sunshine and rainbows…..


8 Replies to “Absent Minded”

      1. On second thought, scratch prolific. Rapp writes reams, not a word which ever sparked enough interest in me to investigate.

  1. For what it’s worth, you might try to write more “rambling” posts like this one, especially if they come easier and, perhaps, more often. Sure, it’s great to craft something painstakingly, and when you’re in the mood–or have the time–to do that, go for it. But in the interim, you know that your faithful followers will be interested in anything (well, almost anything) you have to say, be it polished or rambling. So lighten up on yourself, let it flow, and maybe you’ll find it habit-forming.

    Or not. You’re a busy man, and a family man, and there aren’t enough hours in the day. No sense forcing it if you’re not feeling it.

    So says Mr. 320 posts to date. Not including other blogs.

    1. Yeah, maybe, thanks. I like to have my posts be packed with substance. But the Busting one was a good example of just winging it, that was certainly not expected based on my multiple drafts.

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