So this is my blog. Named after a prop in The Great Escape (of course), and also the name of the rock band I had one day hoped to form, with me on drums.

I’m Joe Tura from Queens, NY. And I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Well, once I realized my below average Little League skills would never lead to a job playing for the Yankees. High school turned into a non-stop poetry fest, followed by a formal Writing education at Queens College (of course) packed with short stories, poems, and one act of a play. Luckily (?), I’ve managed to utilize the art of writing in my professional career, working for Penguin USA (writing about books, one of my biggest passions), Columbia House (writing about movies, another one of my biggest passions), and 1-800-Flowers (writing about flowers and gifts), and I see this blog as a way to supplement my “free time” writing, which since college has all but vanished.  Plus, you’ll get a bunch of ramblings about movies, books, TV, sports, and life as we know it. Well, that’s what I’m aiming for. Hope you enjoy it. Or at least get some good laughs out of it.


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