2013 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 880 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 15 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Absent Minded

Last week, I received the yearly summary of this blog from wordpress.com. And I was kinda excited about it to be honest…until I read it. Sure, it looked great, with flash fireworks, fancy type, cool design…but when it told me I only made 5 posts in 2011….geez….how lame.

5 freakin posts? What the heck was I doing the other 360 days? Well, thinking about making posts probably. Somehow I only have a handful of drafts saved, but another 100 or so in my silly little head. But what is keeping me from writing more posts? Is it time? Is it laziness? Is it apprehension about not creating a good enough post? Hell, I don’t know….

I mean, really, what the heck. Why am I writing about my absence from Von Luger’s Butter instead of making an actual post the half dozen people who read this regularly would care about? Well, because it’s writing something. “A writer writes” or so they say. (Who is they? Beats me, my Mom always answered when I asked her “They. They.”)

But I write for a living, maybe that’s why I don’t create all the genius (um….what?) blog posts I plan to create sometime this century. Writing isn’t as easy as it seems. Heck, this post is certainly easy, I’m just rambling….but to create something interesting and fun and coherent, well that ain’t easy. I’m glad to have a bunch of friends who do so regularly on their own blogs (you know who you are, my friends) and I enjoy reading them, and are thankful for their entertaining posts.

Oh hell, enough of my self-deprecation. Hopefully there will be some new posts in this space soon. By popular demand no doubt. Or not. But not tonight. Tonight you all get this nonsense. But is it really nonsense, or merely a stepping stone to a flourishing year of blogging like a sunuvabitch? Time will tell. I’m cautiously optimistic. Which to the faithful readers of this blog, who know me quite well, will sound like endless sunshine and rainbows…..

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That’s What I Need

My upper back hurts like the dickens, I’ve had too much wine, I’m wasting time on the innna-net. And I give you my wedding song. A positively beautiful song from the only post-Phil Collins Genesis album, which really gets a bad rap from most Genesis fans. Not me, I think it’s great. One day, I’ll complete my mega-post about Genesis. But for today you get this gorgeous gorgeous song.

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G-Force 7 1/2

Smart. Imaginative. Independent. Creative. Hilarious. Sweet. Stubborn. Fun. Those are just some of the words I could use to describe my 7 1/2 year-old daughter. But one of the most fun and imaginative things about her is her willingness to dive into certain shows or characters or movies and not come out of the water until she’s completed everything about it. Yes, this is normal kid behavior. Thankfully.

It started with Dora the Explorer, as it does with most little girls nowadays. Simultaneously dabbling in Clifford and Blue’s Clues. But Spongebob Squarepants changed all that baby stuff. Next up was the Disney Princesses. Then she hit the Godzilla phase. Had to watch every Godzilla movie, which of course Dad had on DVD or VHS (there are three G movies not available in the US on DVD ugh), in order natch. Then came The Simpsons phase, where she watched every available season on DVD, Seasons 1 through 13 and 20 (Yes, Dad has them all), watched all the episodes in order and quotes them endlessly bless her heart, focusing on my favorite episodes bless her heart again. Now she’s on the Pokemon phase, DVRing old episodes and newer episodes and buying cards with her own money and video games.

But the reason for this post is not to chronicle my daughter’s life actually, but mostly to share/show off photos of some awesome and imaginative artwork she created during Godzilla phase #3 (she cycles back and forth with these phases) during downtime at school. Funny enough, the only other character she’s drawn is Spongebob. Love this kid! Enjoy the pics!

Godzilla and son Milla

Godzilla's Revenge

Godzilla vs Gigan

Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla

Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla soldiers

Godzilla vs King Ghidorah

Godzilla vs Mothra: The Battle for Earth

Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla 1993

Godzilla vs Destroyah



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The Last in Line?

Jack Harrison, believed to be the last survivor of “The Great Escape” from Stalag Luft III in WWII (which according to the msn.com article cannot be confirmed), passed away this past Friday in his native Scotland, at the age of 97 (god bless him!).

As a camp gardener, Harrison was on the dirt disposal team, part of the crew that was responsible for getting rid of the dirt that was dug up in the multiple tunnels started in the POW camp. (Check out some cool pics and more in this article from The Sun)

Harrison was 98th in line of the planned 200 escapees. (In the film–the greatest movie ever made if I haven’t mentioned that yet today– it was 250, much to Steve McQueen’s Virgil Hilts’ amazement in a memorable scene: “250 men just walking down the street….”) Of course, Harrison’s number never came up as the men were found out at number 76. But his legacy remains as part of the greatest POW escape ever undertaken, which made for a fabulous book by Paul Brickhill (there are many other books too, of which I’ve only read the enjoyable The Longest Tunnel by Alan Burgess, but now have to read more… and more and more!) and of course, the epic, terrific, spectacular 1963 John Sturges all-star classic, my all-time favorite film.

For even more info on this story, check out today’s post from the entertaining and superbly detailed film scholar known as Bradley On Film.

RIP, Jack Harrison.

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Kaiju Koincidence

I’m reminded today by the good folks at Bradley On Film that May 7th is the fabulous director Ishiro Honda’s birthday, a day where he would have been 99 years young.

Ishiro Honda

It’s also my daughter’s 7th birthday today. Considering how a couple of years ago she fell in love with Godzilla movies (and who wouldn’t!), it’s only fitting that she shares her birthday with Honda, who is extremely important to both my life and cinema history, having directed one of the most influential sci-fi movies ever made with 1954’s Gojira (aka  Godzilla…duh…), as well as many other kaiju films and sci-fi treats, including the mega-fun Destroy All Monsters, which was one of my favorite movies growing up (thank you, 4:30 Movie!). Happy birthday, Ishiro Honda!!

Now that's a birthday party!

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Yesterday started the 2010 90-Day Challenge at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts (http://tsk.com/index.php). Why is this important? Well, let me tell ya….

Last year, the 90-Day Challenge was very, very good to me. For background, I started training at TSMAA in late Summer of 2008, at the Great Neck school under Sensei Johnson, having enrolled my daughter in the school that winter, and then my wife followed suit after Mother’s Day. I had ballooned up to 265 lbs and well, needed to do something to get my fat ass a lot less fatter. Tried out a Father’s Day class and I signed up on the spot. Then of course I kept getting hurt, seeing as how I was in horrible shape, until October of 08, where I stopped getting hurt and started taking classes steadily.

I had been doing OK with my training, until the 90-Day Challenge started last March. The goal is, with proper diet and extra hour-long classes, for every pound you lose over 15, you get a free class after the 90 days are up (There are weigh-ins every week to chart your progress). Motivated by this prospect of free classes, my wife and I took a ton of extra classes, sweating off weight by the bucket-ful, and, long story short, at the end of the 90 days I lost 40 lbs.

Now mind you, I was still at 209 lbs, but I felt 100 times better, looked better, had to start buying smaller clothes…Life was pretty good. I even got down to 205 lbs last September.

Then the hernia struck….

This January, I developed a double inguinal hernia which needed surgery. That led to two months of no TSMAA training.  Which, paired with slipping back to bad habits like 11 pm chocolate bars (mmm…chocolate) and beer (mmm…beer), as well as a cruise earlier this month that included an unlimited beer package (mmm…beer), lo and behold some weight has come back.

So this year, I hope to lose 20 lbs during the 90 days. Official starting weight is 226 lbs. (Yikes) Talk to you in 90 days. I have to go home now and get ready for class. Osu!

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